Freedom Trails or Lola, Grandma and The Tornado


I guess the storms were bad. Chris was to meet us at the airport almost two hours earlier, but lightning gives folks in the air and on the tarmac an uneasy stomach. Nathanial and I were on the same flight, a jet plane that took off two hours before Alana and Dayton’s. Between waiting to take off, waiting to land, being unable to pull in to the gate, and waiting for a connecting flight to arrive, all four of us met at the passenger pick-up at roughly the same time. The only thing keeping our heads up was the sac of home-baked, chocolate chip cookies our beautiful Krista made sure we left with.

I guess it was that twelve hour travel day or a daunting two day ride through funnel clouds… either way we got here just in time for the dinner bell.

After a victory beer and a good night’s rest, we set off on subways and city buses to the heart of Paul Revere’s home town..

“No, Chris, he’s right over… just.. look to your right. He’s trying… I think he wants to say something to you, Chris..”

(The USS Constitution, “‘Ol Iron Sides” – 1 of 8 in the fleet, never lost a battle, fought off pirates, etc etc)

Now, as we ready ourselves in Chris’s living room, watching footage of the tornadoes ripping through our mother’s midwest, listen to Nathaniel’s nocturnes on the piano and watch as Grandma Boston strolls by, her ears perking up to the sound of keys, all I can think of is.. and oysters.

Tonight we play Johnny D’s in Somerville. The next few days will bring the joys and excitement of Manhattan, Philly and Brooklyn!!

Here’s to the patriot,



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