Fierce Bad Rabbit

fierce bad rabbit

Fusing together melodic strands of indie/alternative effects with a rock foundation, Fierce Bad Rabbit creates a unique sound that travels through poignant lyrics and pop-infused tunes to gritty pieces showcasing front man Chris Anderson’s well-honed style of songwriting. Evolving from their formation in 2009, Fierce Bad Rabbit has grown from Northern Colorado roots, blending together four strong musical talents from different genres. Featuring Anderson on vocals, guitar and piano, Alana Rolfe on viola and vocals, Dayton Hicks on baritone guitar, and Max Barcelow on drums, percussion and vocals, the band has grown into a collective of raw and unbridled ambitions mixed with a strong sensibility for keeping their sound fresh and progressive.

With their newest album, “The Maestro and the Elephant,” released at the end of 2012, Fierce Bad Rabbit has transformed once again into a more mature, grounded, and modernized sound, while staying true to their proven poeticism and emotion-driven lyrics. Bringing multiple influences and genres, as well as collaborative writing to the project, the album presents a fresh face of Fierce Bad Rabbit, and one that includes Anderson co-writing with Shane Kiester, Rolfe, and Barcelow. As the follow up to their acclaimed 2010 release, “Spools of Thread,” as well as two EP’s, “Black and White,” and “Live and Learn,” Fierce Bad Rabbit takes the stage once again as a relevant voice in the music scene.

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